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Quick Fixes for the “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” Error on Android

MMI codes are helpful for accessing information or controlling features on your Android phone. However, why is your phone displaying the error message “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code”?

This issue can happen due to a network error, SIM card problem, or a faulty app, among other reasons. No matter the cause, the solutions below will help you fix the problem.

1: Edit The Code

MMI codes can be difficult to remember, so it’s possible that you entered the wrong code. Take a moment to double-check if you’ve inputted the correct MMI code.

Instead, you can try adding a comma after the code to see if it works. For instance, if you want to check your phone’s data usage by using ##4636##, simply type in ##4636##, before dialing.

2: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Your Android device may encounter the “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” error because of a temporary network problem. Usually, you can resolve this issue by turning on and off Airplane mode to refresh the network connections.

3. Turn Your SIM Card Off and On Again

If your phone is having network issues, you can try turning the SIM card off and on again. Open your phone’s Settings app and go to Connections > SIM Manager. Here, disable the switch next to the SIM card, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on.

4. Enter Your Password In Safe Mode

The cause of the “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” error can be a malfunctioning third-party application. To test, try entering the code in safe mode.

Open the quick settings menu and tap the power icon. Then tap and hold “Shut Down” until the “Safe Mode” icon appears. Click on it to restart your phone in safe mode.

After the phone restarts, try dialing any MMI code. Now, if it works, you need to uninstall the problematic app. While you’re at it, it’s worth checking and uninstalling apps you never use.

5. Reset Network Settings

If the MMI code still doesn’t work, you should reset your Android phone’s network settings. However, you should know that resetting network settings will also delete paired devices, data limits, Wi-Fi passwords, and other network values.

Correct invalid MMI code on device

MMI codes are very useful especially when you need to repair your phone and need software and hardware information. If the MMI code still doesn’t work, you will need to contact your network provider for provider-specific instructions. Your cell phone provider will most likely provide you with a new SIM card.

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